In recent years, homeowners have discovered what the industrial industry has known for decades: Epoxy sealant is great for concrete floors. You probably already know how strong the material is. In addition to durability, we share five more reasons to seal your concrete floors with epoxy.

1. Epoxy Coating Is Durable

Durability is the main reason warehouses, auto shops, factories, and other industrial sites use epoxy coatings for their concrete floors. This is a heavy-duty coating that holds up against all kinds of abuse. Epoxy sealant protects concrete floors against heavy machinery, abrasive chemicals, and ordinary wear and tear. That’s because, once epoxy is applied, it turns into an extremely strong, solid polymer. Not only is the coating itself strong, but the way it bonds to the concrete helps prevent normal breakdown of the concrete itself.

2. Maintaining Epoxy Floors Is a Breeze

Epoxy Floor Sealed concrete flooring is probably the easiest type of floor to clean and is both kid- and pet-friendly. That’s because the material isn’t porous, so it doesn’t stain. When cleaning inside floors, you usually won’t need much more than a broom and a dust mop. If you do want to wet mop, you don’t need any special cleaners like you do for flooring made from materials like wood and softer stone tiles. To clean outside concrete floors, you can just spray the surface with a garden hose.

3. Installation Is Fast

Thanks to our training and experience, professional installation is very quick. Afterward, you can usually walk, install furniture, or park on your sealed concrete floors within 24 hours. The entire time needed to complete the job, though, varies according to your unique project. When we provide our free estimate, we’ll also discuss how long you should expect the project to last.

4. Install Epoxy Flooring Anywhere

Stamped concrete patio brown stone with epoxy coating One reason homeowners originally began sealing garages and driveways with epoxy is that it resists water and staining from leaking fluids like oil and coolant. These days, though, we’re installing epoxy coatings anywhere and everywhere, both inside and outside the home. In addition to garages and driveways, we’ll seal your patio and walkways. Inside the home, our beautiful epoxy coatings let you ditch the carpet and tile without sacrificing style. We’ve used the treatment to create stunning concrete flooring in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, game rooms, and more. Sealed concrete is also a popular flooring option for man caves, lady lairs, children’s playrooms, and workshops. In part, because garages are often the choice for these spaces and you may recognize these as likely to have a concrete floor already. But also because the epoxy is so easy to maintain and clean.

5. Epoxy Design Options Are Practically Endless

epoxy coating When you picture sealed concrete, do you just see shiny gray? Of course, you can choose that, if it’s the look you want, but epoxy coating lets you match your concrete floors to any décor or aesthetic. We can make your concrete floors look like natural stone, such as Italian marble and granite. Or go for a speckled or pebbled look, abstract painting, waterfalls – the only limit is your imagination.

6. Epoxy Floors Look Great

Epoxy’s incredible resistance to wear and tear means your concrete floor looks fantastic for years to come. Don’t be surprised if visitors seeing your sealed concrete floor for the first time ask if you just had it done. The surface maintains its shine amazingly well and, as already stated, resists scratching and staining.

Why You Should Choose Sledge Concrete Coatings

The team at Sledge Concrete Coatings has one driving goal: Your complete satisfaction. We have the experience and training to tackle any concrete job and we love what we do. When completing a concrete sealing job, we include crack repair and stem walls at no extra charge. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 602-308-8656. We’ll discuss your project and provide a free estimate.