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Welcome to Sledge Concrete Coatings! We are experts at providing acid stain concrete coatings in Phoenix, Arizona and have been serving the Valley of the Sun since 2002. In addition to offering acid stained concrete, we also conduct epoxy floor, cool deck, faux flagstone, metallic finish, patio paver, polished, and specialty flooring finishes.


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Very professional, on schedule and on time, has long tenured, happy employees who care and have pride in their work, and I am extremely pleased with the floor!

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Jerry L.
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Excellent service. Professional, knowledgable, arrived on time, finished on time, delivered exactly as stated they would each day of the process. Would Definitely use this company again, & recommend to others. Best experience with a contractor Ever!!!

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John N.
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I found Sledge to be 100% accurate in describing their service and delivering on time with excellent attention to detail. The floor looks great and I already have been asked for referrals.

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Adam C.
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Acid Stain Concrete Coating Information

If you have been living at the same property for a number of years, you may have noticed that your floors have degraded to looking shabby, which in turn makes your home appear dated and old. Likewise, retail and office floors must cope with a high volume of foot traffic and this undoubtedly damages the floor over time. An acid stain concrete coating can transform living or working surfaces into beautiful works of art and invigorate your entire surroundings.

Reactive & Non-reactive Concrete Stains

There are two categories that stains are available in: reactive (called acid stain) and non-reactive (called dye). Depending on the project and concrete condition, different stains may work better than the other to achieve desired results.

  • Acid stains:
    Water-based, acidic solutions with metallic salts that react with the lime content in concrete.
  • Dye stains:
    Also water-based but are acrylic, which means there is no chemical reaction needed to impart color. While dyes come in a broader range of colors and are easier to apply, they can’t produce the same quality of color tone as acid stains. There are also other reasons to opt for dye rather than acid stain, the main of which would be to avoid fumes and excess water use during interior applications.

Benefits of Acid Stained Concrete

Many people erroneously believe “concrete is just concrete” when nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only does an acid stain concrete coating add color to a surface, it adds character by infusing it with deep and rich translucent tones. In our experience, no two concrete surfaces will ever look the same, even if the same staining product in the same shade is used.

Every single concrete surface can tell a story, and how a shade looks depends on the age and composition of the concrete, the porosity of the surface, its texture, environmental conditions, and other factors. In other words, concrete is versatile and variable, which means an acid stain concrete coating can give your surfaces an entirely unique look.

Acid Stain Preparation & Application

This is a two day process. On the first day, the floor is lightly prepped and the acid is sprayed onto the floor. Once the desired color is achieved, the acid is neutralized with ammonia. On day two the floor will be coated with a clear polyurethane or solvent sealer.

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Concrete Acid Stain FAQs

What Does Acid Stain Do?

Acid stains are actually a combination of numerous materials, and when the acid stain is correctly used on concrete, a permanent color will be left on its surface. Learn more…

Will Acid Stain Fade?

Acid stains do not fade. Learn more…

How Long Does Acid Stain Remain on the Concrete Surface?

The length of time the stain remains on the surface depends on the concrete being stained and the type of acid stain selected. Learn more…

How Many Acid Stain Colors Are There?

Typically, stain companies offer eight to 10 standard colors, because the composition of the materials only allows them to use a few earth tone-type colors, such as light tans and reddish tones. Learn more…

How is a Concrete Floor Prepared for Acid Staining?

It is best to create a profile in the concrete, as this helps the stain to penetrate deeper into the surface. Learn more…

How is Acid Stain Applied to Concrete Flooring?

There are numerous ways to apply the stain, and each provides you with a different look. Learn more…

How Long is the Wait Before Stain Can Be Applied to Fresh Concrete?

It is best to allow a 28-day curing period for the hydration water to dry up. Learn more…

How is Acid Stained Concrete Maintained?

It is imperative that you have a maintenance program, as this will greatly increase the life of the stained concrete and sealer. Learn more…

Our Acid Stain Concrete Portfolio of Projects in Phoenix-Metro

Click here to view more of our acid stain concrete pictures.

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