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Summer is Almost Here! Cool Deck Coating

Cool Deck Concrete Coating

Sledge Concrete Coatings Cool Deck Example (Arizona Pool Deck)

Summer is just around the corner, and people across the country are opening their pools. Make your pool or hot tub more attractive and inviting with cool deck coating. Most people actually spend more time lounging by the pool – sunbathing and entertaining – than they do in the pool. Cool deck coating not only creates a cooler surface for these activities, but a safer one as well. Additionally, with a variety of available stains, it can be designed to complement your landscaping to create a beautiful backyard oasis.

Keeping Safe and Cool

In the heat of summer, all surfaces absorb the sun’s rays so that walking barefoot, as one typically does around a pool, becomes painful and even dangerous. The danger heightens when concrete, stone, and other surfaces become wet, as they become slick, increasing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. They may also acquire damage such as cracks thanks to age and harsh weather. Coating these surfaces with cool decking alleviates both the heat and inherent danger of slipping on wet surfaces. It also guards against cracks, because cool decking has nearly twice the durability of concrete. Cool decking is a material applied over a base structure, typically concrete. When applied during the curing phase, it significantly lowers concrete’s surface temperature. Additionally, texturing protects against slipping. The stain-resistant material is also waterproof, offering further protection against mold and mildew. All these features add up to a durable, low maintenance, economical way to resurface your deck.

Better Choice

Sledge Concrete Coatings Cool Deck (Arizona Pool Deck)

Cool deck coating makes a great surface for your pool deck, patios, and walkways. You can choose colors and textures that complement and enhance your landscaping, all while cooling the surface temperature for improved comfort on bare toes. The material lasts longer than standard concrete does, cleans up easily, and protects everyone from the danger of slipping on wet, slick surfaces.

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