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Welcome to Sledge Concrete Coatings! We are experts at providing epoxy finish concrete coatings in Phoenix, Arizona and have been serving the Valley of the Sun since 2002. In addition to offering epoxy coated concrete, we also conduct acid stained, cool deck, faux flagstone, metallic finish, patio paver, polished, and specialty flooring finishes.


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We are very impressed with Sledge Concrete. They show up when they say they will, communicate throughout the job and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Richard and is crew are professional, considerate and a pleasure to deal with – I know, very unusual for contractors, but these guys are great!!

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Forest W.
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This was the cherry on top. Our driveway looks great and makes such a difference on the entire look of our house. The service was great and the company is so organized we knew exactly what to expect at every point of the process. Great job!

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Bruce B.
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Excellent service. Professional, knowledgable, arrived on time, finished on time, delivered exactly as stated they would each day of the process. Would Definitely use this company again, & recommend to others. Best experience with a contractor Ever!!!

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John N.

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Epoxy Finish Concrete Coating Information

At Sledge Concrete Coatings, we have noticed that homeowners are increasingly growing attached to epoxy floor coatings for not only garages and carports, but patios and walkways as well. Not only does an epoxy coating produce an exceptionally durable finish, it is also extremely easy to maintain, and looks incredible.

Epoxy Coating Options and Processes

Before beginning to apply any coating, all belongings must be removed from the area so nothing is touching floor. Then the concrete is acid etched and scrubbed with a machine. Ammonia is spread sufficiently, followed by a machine scrub and the concrete is then blown dry after a second rinse.

A small bead of silicone is placed in the bottom of trowelled joints and ran smooth with a brush to fill any cracks at the bottom of the joint. Expansion boards will be siliconed and epoxied to keep product from soaking in. We coat concrete slabs to the expansion joint just pass the garage door and include stem walls, unless noted otherwise. All sealers are rolled and brushed on.

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  • Solid Color Epoxy
    2-day process – one coat of water based, two part epoxy primer and one coat of pigmented polyurethane* with UV stabilizers.
    Note: The checker board floor is the same process as the solid color epoxy but requires a lot more time due to the necessary attention to detail.
  • Light Color Epoxy
    2-day process – one coat epoxy primer, one coat pigmented polyurethane*, light or medium broadcast of chips into the polyurethane*.
  • Medium Chip with Clear Coat
    3-day process – one coat epoxy primer, one coat pigmented polyurethane*, light or medium broadcast of chips into the polyurethane*, and a coat of clear polyurethane* with UV stabilizers over the chips.
  • Granite Full Chip Broadcast
    3-day process – one coat of epoxy primer, one coat acrylic urethane, a full broadcast of chips, one coat of polyurethane* water based, one coat of clear polyurethane* with UV stabilizers.

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Concrete Acid Stain FAQs

Is Epoxy Resin Safe to Use?

Although modern epoxy resin is safer than previous products, you can still become sensitized to its components. Learn more…

Is It Okay to Put Another Coat of Epoxy Over a Coat of Cured Epoxy?

This is perfectly acceptable, as a chemical bond is not possible once the epoxy has cured. Learn more…

Can I Use Epoxy in Cold Weather?

As long as the epoxy is warm, this is okay. Learn more…

What Is Amine Blush and How Do I Remove It?

Amine blush occurs when the epoxy releases a blush to the surface and creates a wax-like film that sits on the cured epoxy resin surface. Learn more…

What Kind of Maintenance Do Epoxy Floors Need?

Although it ultimately depends on the level of traffic and usage your floor will be subjected to, all epoxy flooring needs to be touched up or recoated occasionally. Learn more…

Our Epoxy Floor Concrete Portfolio of Projects in Phoenix-Metro

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