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Welcome to Sledge Concrete Coatings! We are experts at providing polished concrete coatings in Phoenix, Arizona and have been serving the Valley of the Sun since 2002. In addition to offering polished concrete, we also conduct
acid stain, epoxy floor, cool deck, faux flagstone, metallic finish, patio paver, and specialty flooring finishes.


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The crew members were well trained. They had an eye for the details; kept the work area clean; did not skip steps; had a steady work pace; were friendly and courteous. Appointments were kept on time. My experience with Sledge was very, very positive.

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Chris N.
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From the get-go the “Sledge experience” was a joy. Very responsive, very professional in all aspects from job bid to work execution. Highly recommend.

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Joni R.
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Initially did our garage floor several years ago. Had them come out to quote an addition, after another vendor damaged cabinets. Not only did they do an excellent job of matching, they also repaired some small settling cracks that was not in the scope of work. I cannot recommend them enough!! When we resurface our cooldek, they will be our first call.

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Dennis H.
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Polished Concrete Floors in Phoenix

If you think your floor looks dated and could use an upgrade, polished concrete is a cost-effective solution that can breathe new life into any room. Polished concrete flooring is a durable, robust, and unique flooring medium that provides more customization and personalization than other materials. The result is a beautiful, glossy floor that makes any room look like new!

Our Process

With years of experience in the industry, we have developed for polishing concrete that guarantees customer satisfaction every time:

  • Grinding:
    We cut the concrete floor with up to eight diamond abrasive grits, depending on the level of gloss you want. Typically, wet grinding is used for safety reasons, though this creates slurry that must be disposed of safely and responsibly.
  • Densifier:
    Once the concrete is opened up and in the right condition, a densifier is applied. The most common choices are sodium silicates, lithium silicates, and potassium silicates.
  • Finish:
    We wait for the densifier to dry and cure before applying a select number of abrasive cuts that will polish the floor to your specifications.
  • Delivery:
    The timing of delivery depends on the equipment used, though a 32-inch grinder is generally chosen for highly refined work.

The diamond polished concrete process is a 10- to 15-step process, but it produces superb results, which is why more and more of our customers specifically request it for their floors. Once your diamond polished concrete floor is completed, the gloss can last for years!

Polished Concrete Floor Options

Polished concrete is a form of concrete finish designed to transform dull and lifeless concrete into classy and vibrant surfaces. It is possible to either create the effect with a brand new concrete surface or polish an existing surface. Professionals use special machines to grind down layers of rough concrete for a surface that reflects light.

The end result is a glossy finish without being slippery, and it is a low maintenance surface. There are a number of colors and patterns available, so your options for decorating have increased even further.

Coloring Techniques

Depending on the company, there may be up to 10 colors to pick from; most contractors will offer gray, brown, tan, terra cotta, blue, and green. While this may sound like a limited choice, there are various tones of each color provided, so suddenly you have dozens of options. There are four main polished concrete floor coloring techniques, which we explore below.

  • Acid-based stains: This is the favored technique of professionals because of its durability and reliability. Acid stains react chemically with the concrete, which leads to a unique design every time. One downside is that you only end up with blue-green shades and earth tones.
  • Water-based stains: These stains penetrate the concrete to produce an everlasting color. Most companies offer dozens of choices, including metallic tints.
  • Concrete dyes: There is no chemical reaction involved here, as the dye penetrates the floor to achieve color saturation. You can choose between water-based and solvent-based dyes, with the former more useful if you wish to achieve a look similar to that of an acid stain. Dyes can be applied during the polishing process, so the end result is a vibrant and long-lasting color.
  • Epoxy floor coatings: This is the most expensive option, but it is the best choice for hiding existing flaws in the concrete. These coatings are resistant to abrasion and very durable.


Polished concrete offers a smooth and reflective surface, which allows for an enormous array of options when it comes to adding patterns like borders, grids, and radial lines. Here are a few design ideas to consider:

  • Scored polished concrete: As well as coloring your concrete, it can be customized in a number of ways, including scoring, cutting, engraving, and stenciling. Scoring involves adding depth and texture to concrete. It features grooves that have been cut into the surface of the slab, and it can be done outdoors or indoors for a spectacular effect.
  • Engraving: This is also known as concrete etching and involves using special tools to etch designs and patterns into the concrete. These patterns do not wear away, because they are carved into the surface rather than being placed on top of it.
  • Polished overlays: This is one of the fastest ways to make your concrete look beautiful, as the microtopping can be installed in less than 24 hours. Once this task has been completed, dyes and decorative sawcuts can be added to disguise any flaws in the surface.

Thanks to the innovation known as polished concrete, you will never see it as a boring surface again. Add color and designs to your concrete surfaces to make them look beautiful and hide any stains or imperfections.

Contact us for details on how to give your floor the finish you’ve always wanted.

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Polished Concrete FAQs

Can any concrete floor be polished?

The vast majority of concrete floors can be polished, though there are exceptions. Learn more…

Is concrete floor polishing messy?

Our customers are constantly surprised by how clean the process actually is. Learn more…

How do you maintain polished concrete?

Yet another advantage of the polished concrete flooring system is the ease of maintenance. Learn more…

After polishing, when can I use it?

You can walk on the concrete floor during the grind and polish process. Learn more…

Can polished concrete be safely used outside?

We do not recommend using polished concrete with a high sheen outdoors, but low-sheen and matte are fine for exterior use. Learn more…

Is polished concrete slippery?

This is a common misconception since the shine makes the floor appear slippery. Learn more…

How long does a polished concrete floor last?

Your polished concrete floor will have a hardness and density unlike any other floor of its kind. Learn more…

What needs to be done once the floor dulls?

The shine on a polished concrete floor can last for up to 15 years. Learn more…

Our Polished Concrete Portfolio of Projects in Phoenix-Metro

Click here to view more of our polished concrete pictures.

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