Although it ultimately depends on the level of traffic and usage your floor will be subjected to, all epoxy flooring needs to be touched up or recoated occasionally. With a simple maintenance routine, you can enjoy your epoxy flooring for a very long time. We recommend sweeping your floor on a daily basis, as that removes foreign objects and safety hazards. A mechanized sweeper or soft-bristled broom should be used.

You should also wash your epoxy floors weekly using a mechanized soft-bristled floor scrubber if possible. Spills are a safety hazard and can damage your floor, depending on the substance, so remove them immediately. Substances such as acid, harsh solvents, and caustics can do major damage to your floor if they are not quickly removed.

One of the best things about epoxy flooring is its resistance to staining, but you still need to remove stains as fast as possible before they get the chance to set. Finally, we recommend keeping sharp objects away, as it is possible for an implement to gouge the floor and ruin the epoxy coating. You should talk to our professional epoxy flooring team in Phoenix for more information.

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